James Shaw Jr -Ain't got time for the shits.

James Shaw Jr. single-handedly saved a bunch of people at a Wafflehouse early Sunday morning. Domestic Terrorist Travis Reinking felt like he needed to become a headline and start shooting innocent people at a Wafflehouse in Tennessee. Three victims died at the scene and, another at the hospital.  But little did he know that Mr. Shaw had no plans of becoming another victim of a senseless shooting. So he did what any Avenger would do.

"I think anybody could've did what I did if they're just pushed in that kind of cage," Shaw said, "and you have to either react or you're going to, you know, fold."

After their scuffle, Reinking apparently hauled ass out of the restaurant buck-naked. Currently, there's a massive manhunt for Travis Reinking.

Read the full story here. 

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