With the NFL draft tomorrow, we wanted to highlight some of the biggest Quarterback "bust" and "steals" throughout the history of the draft. With reputations of teams, cities, personnel and millions of dollars on the line, the draft has proved at times to be a set back for some teams and their respective cities. Sometimes it takes years to clean up the mess, but there are the times through careful consideration and even more preparation that a team makes the right decision. Maybe the NFL can consider changing from draft to lottery? 

JaMarcus Russell - Oakland Raiders, 1st Overall Selection 2007 (BUST)

Joe Montana - San Francisco 49ers, Round 3 Pick 82. 1979 (STEAL)

Ryan Leaf- San Diego Chargers. 2nd Overall Pick 1998 (BUST)

Tom Brady- New England Patriots, Round 6 Pick 199. 2000 (UM, STEAL) 


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